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Who is Tribco?

Tribco is a small high technology company that produces the world's most advanced friction products for brakes, clutches and other industrial applications.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Tribco was launched in 1981 with a single purpose: Use space-age technology to solve the world's friction-lining problems. From a bootstrap start-up, Tribco has grown into a company whose friction products now solve thousands of friction problems—and can solve those confronting your customers. In fact, the marketplace's widespread acceptance of Tribco's friction products proves just how well those products perform! Today, Tribco's friction products are manufactured at its engineering, production and office complex in Cleveland.

What is Unique About Tribco?

Tribco is the developer and exclusive manufacturer of the world's first 100% KEVLAR® fiber textile composite friction material. Tribco markets the material under the name Braketex® when it is used for brake applications and Clutchtex® in clutch applications but it is the same lining in both instances.

Why is Tribco's Friction Material Superior?

Simply put, it is the world's first friction material that utilizes long KEVLAR® fibers in 100% levels. KEVLAR® is a man-made fiber that offers an incredible combination of high strength, nonabrasiveness as well as resistance to heat and tearing. That's why KEVLAR® is used in demanding applications as varied as bulletproof vests, army helmets, boat hulls, radial tire belting and composite aircraft.

Other companies have tried to use KEVLAR® in friction materials but could not break away from traditional manufacturing techniques such as molding. But the only way they can mold KEVLAR® is to grind it into a pulp—unfortunately, molding severely limits how much KEVLAR® they can use. Additionally, grinding up KEVLAR® reduces its strength, wear resistance and tolerance to heat.

Recognizing these problems, Tribco set out to find a new way of making friction material. The result was a revolutionary textile sheet-making process that utilizes long KEVLAR® fibers in 100% levels.

But there is more to the story. Tribco also found a new polymer resin that the U. S. space agency NASA developed for heat resistance on reentry vehicles. Tribco then developed a process to use this high temperature resin as a binder in its friction material. This is a major breakthrough because the resin, a polyimide resin, has much higher heat resistance than the phenolic resins used in standard friction facings.

In short, Tribco offers the world's most advanced friction material—a material that results from a patented high-technology manufacturing process. So while other companies are still tied to 19th Century molding methods, Tribco is using space-age technology to help you solve customer problems and increase sales.

Key Benefits of Tribco's Friction Lining

Braketex and Clutchtex offer your customers the following major benefits:

  1. Tribco's friction facing lasts at least three to five times longer than asbestos, sintered bronze, molded graphitics and other original equipment facings. Some customers report Tribco's lining lasts up to 10 times longer than other linings.
  2. It will not abrade, scratch or score the opposing metal surface. Even water-cooled copper drums last up to four times longer. You will spend less money replacing or resurfacing rotors, drums or flywheels.
  3. It also engages far more smoothly and more quietly than other friction facings. Consequently, it will reduce potentially damaging stress in vehicle or machine drive trains and other power transmission applications.
  4. It contains NO asbestos or other harmful ingredients.
  5. Finally, Braketex and Clutchtex deliver high coefficients of friction and higher load-carrying torque in heavy duty and high performance applications or increased torque at lower air pressure.

How are Tribco Products Used?

You'll find Tribco friction products in vehicles, plants, factories, businesses and even homes all over the United States, Canada and around the world.

In fact, Tribco's 100% KEVLAR® fiber composite lining is used in numerous agricultural, metalforming, papermaking, material handling, marine, defense, mining, drilling, transportation and general manufacturing applications. Sample applications include clutches found in thousands of trucks and cars; brakes, clutches and PTO's in tractors, bulldozers and other off-road vehicles; brake/clutch plates in metal stamping presses, forging presses and forming machines; brakes on winders, rollstands and paper machine drives in paper mills as well as scores of cranes, winches and hoists in factories and facilities of all sizes and types. The only exception: Our lining is NOT available for consumer highway brake applications. Contact us regarding possible commercial highway brake applications.

Does Tribco's Lining Cost More?

Yes. It costs more because KEVLAR® — the only friction material in Braketex and Clutchtex— is expensive. Our special manufacturing process is also very costly but enables us to fully exploit the instrinsic strengths of KEVLAR® fibers. The result? A friction material that is more expensive initially but saves you money in the long run through longer wear life, lower maintenance costs and less unscheduled downtime.

Remember that the initial price is NOT the real cost of a product. For example, you may be tired of constantly replacing inferior brake pads, clutch facings or other friction components—or tired of paying for damage to the opposing metal surface, putting up with machine or vehicle failures, unscheduled downtime and other problems. If that is you, Tribco's unique friction facing may be ideal for you because the life cycle cost will be lower.

If you are a reseller or original equipment manufacturer, you will have a better product for your customers and prospects—which will help you win market share from competitors who are still selling outmoded conventional friction facings. And, as you well know, you don't win friends and retain customers by selling them cheap products that wear out quickly. Whether you are an end user, supplier or manufacturer, Braketex and Clutchtex can give you a competitive edge!

How to Get More Information

When you need help or more information, call 216.486.2000 in the United States and ask for sales. You can e-mail us at sales@tribco.com.

Additionally, we are available weekdays from 8 AM to 5:30 PM U. S. Eastern time to answer your questions. Thank you!